“My daughter is having an incredible experience.  It is amazing – she can’t wait to go through the door in the morning and cries when she has to leave.  Leticia provides the perfect balance between fun, art, and exploration with structure, manners, and learning.  Plus, my daughter is already comprehending Spanish.   Leticia’s program is built on a strong foundation of love and caring and it shows in both the children and parents involved in her program.”  

-Christy Morrison

“We were fortunate enough to begin our son’s years at Lety’s Preschool and Daycare when he was just 4 ½ months old.  He has transitioned over the last two years from one day a week to his current full time status.  With two parents who work full time it was essential for us that we find an appropriately loving, safe, and stimulating environment for our young son; we found it with Leticia and her wonderful staff.  Our son has flourished at Lety’s; he is confident, healthy, articulate in both Spanish and English (both parents only speak English), listens well, interacts kindly with other children, and comes home content at the end of each day.  Her home based daycare is unusual in many respects; the spacious inner rooms are impeccably clean, filled with learning and play activities, and the children’s own ever changing arts and crafts.  Her outdoor facilities would make any park and recreation center envious.  We are extremely grateful to have found Leticia; when we receive a compliment about our son’s behavior I am generally quick to say, “That is all thanks to Leticia!”  “In my opinion, any family would be privileged to have their child receive care at Lety’s Preschool and Daycare.” 

-Victoria Mercer

“Both our children have attended Lety’s Preschool.  Lety’s not only has the very highest scholastic standards, it is a place where you can feel comfortable leaving your children.  The home could not be more beautiful and you cannot find more amenities for the children.  Everything is always clean and orderly, and Leticia is very receptive to a parent’s questions or concerns.   Of course, having your child learn a second language from such a young age is the best!” 

-Yvette Durant

“Let me start by saying that being part of Leticia’s pre school IS being part of her family. Period. From the moment you walk in the door there is no doubt she is there for all of our children. To this day I have never, not once, dropped my children off at Leticia’s school without her greeting me at the door. Always with open arms. To go into detail about each thing I love would take us all day, so bullet points it is…  Each Child is cared for on a case-by-case basis, each child’s needs are met. Her home is warm and immaculate (something I myself strive for but am yet to achieve…. ever!). Her yard lights up my kids’ eyes each time we drive by. Her morals are strong, and my kids never want to let her down. She is organized beyond belief from towels and sunscreen to all our winter clothes and gear. My children ARE learning Spanish. She is continually educating herself and expanding her ideas into the school. She has “centers” inside and out. She expects a joint effort from all of us, as it should be. Her family gatherings are heart warming. Her door is always open, a policy I appreciate. Everyday my children spend with her I know that they are being loved, educated and nurtured. I feel extremely lucky to be part of the Agulair family.” 

-Sara De Deo

“Leticia has provided Deacon with a safe and secure atmosphere…I feel that because of Leticia’s knowledge and caring, my son is getting the best young education that we could have hoped for.” 

-Deleane Mehler